About Me

My father is a gold and silversmith, so working with metal was part of my childhood. I spent a lot of time in his workshop, fabricating rings from aluminium and sticking pearls on them as decoration. He never encouraged me to become a gold or silversmith, so my application to university to study psychology was part of quite a different plan; and in the end, I did something different. Thinking back I consider myself lucky, because this made it possible for me to turn my thoughts once again to jewellery. Making jewellery is what I find exciting, what I really love doing and what I want to continue doing forever.


I graduated from the Goldsmith Department of the Budapest Technical School for Handcrafts. The education there was great because it was mostly practical. My courses took place in the workshop of the Hungarian Mint, where I was lucky enough to learn the basics of the craft under the hands of a great master teacher. After my graduation I completed an additional course, which took me just six months. Since then, I pride myself on constantly learning new things as I work.


My primary goal is to make a living out of what I love the most until the end of my life. If that does not work out I have no idea what I would do instead…